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Product Manager

The Territory Manager has the responsibility to promote the company’s product line, achieving sales targets by conversion of leads. The entire business is B2B  with industries as clientele. While responsible for revenue generation, this is a sales enablement position to enable qualified channel partners in selling to industries. The Territory Manager is expected to manage good relations with strategic partners, channel partners, and industrial users. This may be achieved through marketing programs, sales training, sales support, technical pre-sales support, and customer relationship.

Industry: Safety Equipment for Industrial Use

Product Group: Air-Conditioned Safety Helmets for Industries. First of its kind in the world, Made in India and exported to 8 countries.


  • The approach leads and promotes the product
  • Develop market mapping to build a potential client list
  • Build Channel Partners across South India
  • Conduct Demos and get products APPROVED in industries
  • Manage relations with channel partners to generate sales
  • Manage existing business partnerships with large OEMs to drive sales
  • Implementation of business plans that achieve agreed-on management revenue targets and generate the planned profit outcomes.
  • Ensuring the highest and continuously improving levels of customer and partner satisfaction.
  • Maintain a high level of safety awareness for potential clients
  • Maintenance of an accurate pipeline for product group
  • Provision of various reports for the purposes of commercial decision making
  • Deal effectively and efficiently with unsatisfactory performance and/or behavior within your team.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

  • Prior work experience with leading safety equipment manufacturers is preferred
  • The minimum education level required is a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Strong Sales Skills
  • Self-starter
  • Results focused
  • Ability to deal with new product categories

What’s In It for you?

  • Grow Your Career: Accelerate your path to success (and keep up with the future) by being part of a fast-growing company in its early stages
  • Elevate Your Personal Well-Being: Boost your financial, physical, and mental well-being through our flexible work schedule with small teams
  • Make the Most of our Global Organization: Be part of Jarsh’s global expansion to more than 10 countries in the Middle East and the Pacific.

At Jarsh Safety, we’re a proud innovation company changing the way safety is perceived in industries. We are looking for dynamic and enterprising individuals who are willing to push their limits, take risks, and prove their acumen with new product categories like Jarsh AC Helmets. Candidates are expected to have a knack for marketing, understanding the customer journey, and creating marketing strategies.

You are expected to travel frequently to client locations.

Please read and understand the product details(AC Helmet) on the website before applying.

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