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Working at Height: A Constant Battle, Won with the Right Gear.

Working at height is a necessary evil in many industries, but it creates a constant battle against gravity. Two critical safety lapses can turn a routine task into a devastating event. 

Anchoring for Fall Protection: Fall protection equipment, like harnesses and lanyards, are only effective if securely connected to a safe and certified anchor point. Unfortunately, technicians sometimes skip this crucial step due to simple negligence or forgetfulness which makes the safety equipment useless in the event of a fall.  

Lone worker scenarios: Working alone at height eliminates the crucial safeguard of a watchful eye. A technician who suffers a fall could be lying unconscious or injured, unable to call for help. Even minor injuries sustained from a fall can become life threatening without prompt intervention.  

Jarsh iSafeTM

Introducing the Jarsh iSafeTM, a revolutionary wearable device designed to address the two most common safety lapses that plague workers: missing anchor points and undetected falls in lone worker situations. 


Together, let's make every climb a safe climb.


  1. Real-time Monitoring: iSafeTM constantly monitors the status of your harness hooks. 
  2. Smart Alerts: If your hooks become unanchored, iSafeTM triggers an audible and visual alert directly on the device, reminding you to secure yourself. 
  3. Supervisor Notification: Simultaneously, iSafeTM sends an alert to your supervisor, ensuring even forgetful moments don’t compromise safety. 
  4. Automatic Fall Detection: Sophisticated sensors within iSafeTM can automatically detect a fall incident. 
  5. Rapid Response: The device immediately triggers an emergency alert, notifying both rescue teams and your supervisor via the reliable 4G/5G network. 
  6. Detailed Data for Rescue: Critical information, including your GPS location, time, and date of the fall, is automatically logged and transmitted, ensuring a swift and informed rescue effort. 

Beyond Radios and Shouting: Communication Challenges in Busy Workplaces

Many workplaces, like construction sites and factory floors, are hives of activity. Workers operate complex machinery, navigate intricate tasks, and often have their hands full (literally!). In these environments, traditional voice communication methods like radios or shouting instructions can fall short.

  • Accidents: Misunderstandings or missed instructions can create dangerous situations, leading to accidents and injuries. 
  • Delays: Vital information exchange gets bottlenecked, slowing down projects and impacting efficiency. 
  • Mishaps: Simple mistakes due to unclear communication can result in costly damage to equipment or materials. 


Jarsh WorkLiveTM steps in to revolutionize communication in these demanding environments. This innovative wearable device tackles the communication gap head-on with a suite of features designed for seamless information exchange: 

  • Point of View (PoV) Live Streaming Camera: See exactly what your technicians see with a live camera feed streamed directly from their helmet or body mount. 
  • Wirelessly Live Stream using 4G/5G/Wi-Fi: No matter the location, Jarsh WorkLiveTM transmits a clear and reliable live stream using the most available network (4G/5G/Wi-Fi). 
  • Two-Way Communication: Maintain a real-time dialogue with your technicians, ensuring clear instructions and immediate feedback. 
  • SoS Button with Geo-Fencing: An emergency button with location tracking provides immediate assistance in case of accidents or unforeseen situations. 
  • Record Video and Audio Feed: Capture critical moments on the job site for training, troubleshooting, or safety reviews. 
  • Remote Monitoring/Inspection using AI & ML: Leverage the power of AI and machine learning for remote monitoring and analysis, optimizing workflows and identifying potential hazards. 


Jarsh WorkLiveTM : Because clear communication is the key to a safer, more productive workplace.

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