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Industries are poorly ventilated

Many factories, despite their bustling activity, can feel stuffy and stagnant. This isn’t always due to neglect, but a mix of factors: 

  • Outdated infrastructure: Design limitations often hinder the integration of modern ventilation systems, leaving facilities struggling to adapt to evolving standards. 
  • Tight Budgets: Ventilation systems can be expensive, leading some to prioritize short-term savings over long-term health. 
  • Lack of awareness: Some businesses might underestimate the dangers of poor air quality and its impact on worker health. 
  • Heat Trap: The machines themselves generate heat, further raising indoor temperatures. 

This lack of poor ventilation can: 

  • Harm workers’ health (respiratory issues, fatigue) 
  • Lower productivity 

Investing in proper ventilation isn’t just about comfort, it’s about protecting your workforce and keeping them productive. It’s a healthy investment for everyone involved. 

Traditional Solutions


While air conditioning and fans are common solutions, they fall short in industrial settings.

  • Their lack of portability restricts their use to specific areas, leaving much of the workspace unaddressed.
  • Additionally, they struggle against the intense heat generated by machinery, offering minimal relief from heat stress.
  • Finally, the high operational costs of running these systems continuously can be a significant burden for businesses. 

Jarsh Zoning

Recognizing the need for better working conditions, Jarsh has implemented a zoning system to tackle key issues.   

  • Red zone (Temperature above 40oC ): signifies areas with high heat levels, demanding immediate attention for improved ventilation.   
  • Orange zone (Temperature around 25-40oC): characterized by moderate heat, highlights spaces that are extremely poorly ventilated, causing discomfort to the workers.    
  • Green zone (Normal Temperature)  maintains an acceptable temperature. 

Red Zone

ActivCoolingTM Helmet

Technical specifications:

  • Patented ActivCoolingTM technology 
  • Zero maintenance 
  • Cool up to Δ -15°C and heat up to Δ+10°C 
  • Rechargeable & certified Li-ion battery 
  • Operating temperature range of -5°C to 55°C 

Jarsh has innovated ActivCoolingTM, a wearable AC integrated into helmet, making it a highly effective cooling solution for 2 reasons :  

  • Cooling the head is two to three times more efficient than cooling the body.  
  • As helmets are already widely used in various industries, the product offers dual functionality. 

ActivCoolingTM Tailored Choices: Unlocking Personalized Options for Every Customer

Orange Zone


Technical specifications:

  • Airflow: 140 litres/minute.  
  • ProAirTM weight: 120 Gms + 30 Gms hot swap battery.  
  • Certification: EN397:2012  
  • Battery life: 1 hour extendable by any power bank. 
  • A patented fan attachment to improve airflow around the head. 
  • The fan ensures a constant supply of refreshing air, enhancing comfort for workforce. 
  • Specifically designed for the Orange Zone, this adaptation prioritizes safety by minimizing heat stress. 
  • Workers can focus on tasks without the hindrance of discomfort.

Green Zone


Technical Specifications:

  • Shell material: Injection molded polymer. 
  • Harness Cradle: 6-point plastic cradle.  
  • Adjustment range: 54 – 62 cm.  
  • Harness sweatband: Foam backed Terry toweling (as per request).  
  • Shell colour: White/ Yellow/any colour as per user request. 
  • A patented helmet which is certified as per IS & EN standard. 
  • It prioritizes both safety and comfort through innovative features: 
    • Breathable air channels integrated into the shell. 
    • Easy to attach and detach modular attachments. 
  • This feature-packed powerhouse prioritizes ultimate protection and comfort in industrial environments. 
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