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Investors, Welcome to the Future of Industrial Wearables!

Why does Jarsh exist?

Kausthub, Sreekanth and Anand are undergrad classmates who always had a knack for entrepreneurship. They started out with an Deeptech project, to develop the fundamentals for a portable cooling system.

Their passion was driven by the fact that there are very few tech products available to 1 Billion+ industrial workers working in industries that are truly cash rich.

The thesis behind Jarsh’s existence is simple :

  1. While there are 100’s of companies developing Smart Wearables for consumers, functional industrial wearables are few. Hence, there is a Gap.
  2. The industrial safety industry has been selling basic safety equipment for a 100 years now.
    1. These equipment(like gloves, helmets,etc) are nothing but wearables which are not smart.
    2. Their utility is limited to only safety.
  3. Hence, Jarsh is working on bringing consumer technology into existing safety equipment. This adds a meaningful additional function to Safety and would fill the Gap.
  4. This Industrial Wearables Market is atleast 20 times the size of Industrial Safety Market

How do we fill the Gap?

We are building a portfolio of Wearables designed around existing safety equipment. They existing equipment provide “Just Safety”. A combination of Jarsh Wearables and existing Safety Equipment  provides additional utility over the “Just Safety”.

We achieve this uniqueness by building on our strength of

  1. Understanding of the market requirement through established partnerships
  2. Core knowledge in development of electro-mechanical wearables
  3. Diverse team with knowledge to bring innovations to the market quickly

What do we sell?

Currently, our product line are broadly in 2 categories

  1. Portable Ventilation Devices
  2. Smart Detectors of Electrical Hazards

You can check out our product line by clicking on “Our Solutions” in the Menu on the top bar.

Our Partners

Karam Safety

Jarsh has established a Pan-India distribution and sales network with a strategic tie-up with Karam Safety, the largest safety equipment brand of the country.

With the partnership, Jarsh has access to 13 sales offices and 450+ Dealers.

Havells India

Jarsh is a registered R&D partner to Havells India, where both the companies are working on developing incorporating Jarsh’s portable ActivCoolingTM with co-developed Jackets for consumer sports industry.

All IP is co-owned by Jarsh and Havells.

Aditya Birla Group

Jarsh is a part of a select group of startups under the Aditya Birla Group Innovation Fund. This selection provides Jarsh with market access to ABG Companies across India.

ABG and Jarsh have signed an MoU in this regard.

Vedanta Group

Jarsh is a part of a select group of startups under the Vedanta Spark Programme. This selection provides Jarsh with market access to Vedanta Companies across India.

Vedanta and Jarsh have currently started pilots.

Our Investors

3 Reasons to Invest

  • Industrial Wearables is a fast growing industry with CAGR of 27.5% reaching $70.4 Billion by 2031.
  • Jarsh is the first mover, with a suit of products around industrial wearables.
  • Jarsh boasts strategic market tie-ups with the market leaders.

For more information, contact Kausthub Kaundinya, Co-founder and CEO at

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