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Electricity's Invisible Reach: Why Maintaining Safe Distances is Crucial

  • Did you know that electricity can jump through the air, especially in humid conditions? This phenomenon is called an electrical arc. 
  • Arcs can travel significant distances, making seemingly safe areas suddenly dangerous if they are near high-voltage power sources. 

Why are Arcs Dangerous?

  • Jumping the Gap: Contrary to what we might think, electricity doesn’t need direct contact to be dangerous. Under certain conditions, like humid environments, air becomes a conductor, allowing arcs to travel significant distances. This means even seemingly safe areas near high-voltage equipment can become electrified. 
  • Invisible Threat: The invisible nature of electricity and the speed of arcs make them especially dangerous. You might not see, hear, or feel the danger until it’s too late. 
  • Devastating Effects: Electrical arcs can cause severe burns due to the intense heat they generate. Additionally, the spark can ignite surrounding materials, leading to fires. 


Detecting electrical hazards in the air requires a compact, lightweight device which can detect hazard without contact. The small and portable nature of such devices enables efficient monitoring from a safe distance, preventing potential risks associated with electrical currents. Utilizing these compact devices enhances the ability to identify hazards promptly and take necessary precautions without compromising the well-being of individuals or equipment. 

Technical Specifications:


  • Application: Portable Non-contact Ac voltage Live line indicator 
  • Type: Non-Contact 
  • Operating Temperature:  -10oC to 60oC 
  • Detecting Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz 
  • Detection Range: 1.1 KV – 500 KV 
  • Color: Dual tone 
  • Warranty: 6 Months 
  • Product Dimension: 77mmx58mmx46mm 

Jarsh employs its patented SmartVoltTM technology to detect potentially dangerous electrical and magnetic flux from a safe distance. This technology acts as an early warning system, alerting users to hidden electrical hazards before they come in contact. With this innovative solution, workers can operate with greater awareness and confidence. 

Jarsh SmartVoltTM is customizable to user preferences, allowing for adjustable detection distances based on your organization’s needs. This versatile technology can be worn on helmets, arm, reflective jackets, and wrists, providing a flexible and personalized safety solution across various work environments. This adaptability ensures comprehensive protection wherever potential electrical hazards are present. 

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