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Industries are poorly ventilated

Poor ventilation in industries can cause the temperature to rise, leading to discomfort and heat stress for workers. This can result in fatigue, difficulty concentrating, heat-related illnesses and even affecting morale and productivity. Addressing poor ventilation is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for industrial workers. 

Recognizing the need for better working conditions, Jarsh has implemented a zoning system to tackle key issues.  

  • Red zone signifies areas with high heat levels, demanding immediate attention for improved ventilation.  
  • Orange zone, characterized by moderate heat, highlights spaces that are extremely poorly ventilated, causing discomfort to the workers.  
  • Green zone maintains an acceptable temperature. 


Cooling the Head: Vital Stress Relief

In moments of heightened stress, such as after an invigorating jogging session, the significance of cooling one’s head becomes paramount.

Consider the scenario of a person returning home, beads of sweat clinging to their skin after a rigorous run. Instead of solely addressing the bodily stress incurred by the legs, directing a fan toward the head takes precedence. This deliberate act acknowledges the physiological truth that the brain, nestled within the cranium, is the command center orchestrating stress responses and emotional regulation. By prioritizing the cooling of the head, one not only mitigates the immediate discomfort of overheating but also fosters a conducive environment for mental well-being and resilience.

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