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Jarsh Safety Helmet

Our CEO had the pleasure of meeting Hemant Sapra

The conference provided an opportunity for us to connect with industry leaders and experts in the field of safety technology. During the conference, our CEO had the pleasure of meeting Hemant Sapra, a mentor and the president of SAMA, as well as Mahesh Kudav, owner of Venus Safety, which helped our country brave through Covid 19 with its N95 mask. We also delivered a session on “Enhancing Safety with Technology”, which was chaired by Hemant Sapra. The presentation focused on Jarsh’s commitment to working on industry safety
problems together with its innovations that solve industry challenges. The session was well-received and ended with applause, with respected employees of companies like Ultra Tech,
Mahindra, and Castrol interacting with the our team offstage.

Jarsh Safety

During the conference, Jarsh had the opportunity to discuss specific safety-related problems with cement companies and received enthusiastic requests for technology solutions. The
representatives of these companies were very interested in our products, and they were taking selfies with the product and the founders.
As a result of the conference, Jarsh received specific requests for ATEX certifications for their product, and they are working on it. We are committed to enhancing safety with technology and look forward to continuing our support to the National Safety Council (NSC) in promoting safety at the national level.

Overall, the Conference on Safety, Health & Environment was a great success for Jarsh, and we are excited to continue building on the momentum gained at the conference. We are dedicated to making a difference in the industry and are committed to enhancing safety with innovative technology solutions.

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