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Jarsh sWaveTM

sWave is a sound based animal repellent device designed for use in rural and agricultural areas. It uses randomised sounds to scare away animals like Monkeys and Wild Boars.

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Need For sWaveTM

Animal Repellent Device

  • Rural population is often attacked by wild animals
  • Also leads to a lot of Crop Damage

How does it Work?

  • Emits random scary sounds.
  • Scares wild boars and monkeys
  • Mounted at a height of 5-8 Feet
  • Designed for use in Agricultural Farms
  • Each Device Covers 5 Acres
  • Scare most birds away as well!

sWaveTM Models

Basic Model

  • Connected to Single Phase AC Power
  • Not Applicable
  • Not Required

Battery Model

  • In Built Battery
  • 24-36 Hours Run Time
  • Included

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