Jarsh Safety

KEPI 2.0 : Model C



Product Details

World’s First Air-Conditioned Helmet

AC Features

  • Decreases/increases temperature by up to 15°C/36°F
  • Cooling & Heating Mode available
  • Works on patented solid state cooling technology
  • Uniform cooling over head,neck and face by specially designed air-distribution channel with 4 large vents
  • Available in Tinted/Clear Glass for all type of lighting conditions
  • Connected to machinery like JCB/Hitachi or power socket for unlimited cooling/heating performance
  • Zero maintenance

Safety Features

  • Eye Protection | Head Protection | Heat Protection
  • UV Coated Eye Protection Glasses
  • Made of specially formulated polymer with triple corrugation for enhanced strength
  • Comes with ratchet type adjustment to suit most head sizes, head band is made of non-irritant and soft fabric to provide maximum comfort to the user
  • The four point attachment cradle within the shell has a unique angular placement to provide optimum shock absorption
  • Conforms to IS 2925: 1984

Product Features

Color Cool White & Reflective Yellow
Weight 650 grams only
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Eye Protection Clear or Tinted with special UV Protection layer

Packaging Information

  • What will you receive with purchase of every unit?
    1. Kepi 2.0 Model C AC Helmet
    2. Jarsh Universal Connector
    3. User Guide
  • Packed in Sustainable Eco-Friendly carton Box
  • Our packaging ensures minimal use of single-use plastic materials
  • Package Size : 30×23.5×20 cm

Product Support

Contact now on +91 85001 35738 for customer support or find required literature by clicking on Technical Documents.