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Jarsh CashClean® is the world’s 1st Cash Sanitisation Device, certified by ICMR approved Laboratories.

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Need For CashClean

World’s 1st Currency Sanitising machine

  • Currency notes and other currencies around the world carry over 3000 different types of germs
  • Our notes, being made of paper and fiber, becomes a conducive environment for micro-organisms to grow.
  • People have become more conscious with the recent spread of Covid-19, MERS, Ebola virus, food poisoning, general germs and diseases throughout the world, the global interest in sanitization is rising.
  • During transacting cash at the cash counter, high chances of virus and bacteria encountering the cashier, which can further spread in the surrounding space, risking the other workers and the clients.

Features of Cash Clean

Helping increase industrial Productivity

CashClean Benefits

  • Chemical Free Process. Uses UV-C Cleaning.
  • Sanitizes and Cleans both sides of the notes simultaneously
  • Cashier touches only sanitized cash
  • Note separating mechanism ensures each note is sanitized
  • Safe from UV leakage during operation
  • Certified by ICMR Approved Lab(CSIR-CSIO)


  • Uses 254nm UVC Germicidal Irradiation Technology
  • Number of UV Tubes used: 2 nos (11W input each)
  • Average time to sanitize one note : 2.2 sec
  • Both sides of the note are exposed to same UV Dosage
  • Counts and sanitizes both sides of the notes simultaneously
  • Zero UVC exposure to cashier
  • Hooper capacity of 100 Notes
  • UV Tubes life up to 11,000 Hours
  • Power Consumption: 35W

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