Regular Helmet vs AC Helmet

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Have you heard about the industry changing Air-Conditioned Helmet?

Why use a regular helmet when you keep your staff comfortable & productive with world’s first AC Helmet, which costs less than Rs.30/day to subscribe!

Kepi 2.0 is the world’s first AC Helmet designed to improve comfort & efficiency of your workforce.

Feature Kepi 2.0
AC Helmet
Any Major Brand
Regular Helmet
Head Protection
Eye Protection
Protection from Heat
Protection from Cold
Increase in Productivity
Decrease in Stress
Employee Acceptability
Employee Happiness

World's First Air-Conditioned Helmet

AC Features

Safety Features

AVAILABLE IN 3 MODELS : To Suit All Your Needs

Model E : Do you have inspectors and customers visiting your premises?

Keep them comfortable and give them the respect they deserve with the all new Kepi 2.0 Model-E. Why make them sweat in regular helmets, when you can give them Kepi 2.0 – Model E, the best AC Helmet!

Kepi 2.0 Model – E is designed sleek & stylish for the top management and other visitors like inspectors & customers. It runs on an in-built rechargeable battery which provides 2 hours of non-stop cooling & heating capabilities to the user.

Weight800 grams
Eye ProtectionTinted or Clear
Battery Run-time2 Hours

Model S : Do you have a large work force of Skilled & Semi-Skilled Nature?

As per International Institute of Global Health (IIGH), human efficiency drops by almost 50% at 46°C. Wearing a regular helmet causes them to:

Lack of focus and irritability increases risk of accidents and also results in drop of workforce productivity.

Why lose productivity and increase risk of accidents with a regular helmet, when you can provide your workforce with the affordable Kepi 2.0 Model S!

Introduction Offer: Subscribe now at less than Rs.30/day!
Kepi 2.0 Model – S is designed with an external battery pack to help the users with weight distributed across the body, instead of the head! The external battery feature also allows companies to use same AC helmets across multiple shifts, without purchasing multiple helmets and by simply purchasing multiple batteries. Battery pack is worn on the waist and is connected by a wire to the helmet. It is known to increase workforce efficiency by up to 15%.
Weight 650 grams
Battery Weight (on Waist) 800 gms
Colour Reflective Yellow
Eye Protection Tinted or Clear
Battery Run-time 8 Hours

Model C : Do you have Heavy Machinery and Machine Operators?

Imagine getting into your car, after it has been parked in the sun for a while, extremely hot? Isn’t it?

However, all the machine operators are expected to work in this temperature! How focussed are they really are? This extreme heat while operating heavy machinery leads to

It is extremely dangerous, very unproductive and leads to slowing down of operations.

Why lose work output, when you can keep them comfortable at affordable costs? Try Kepi 2.0 Model C

Kepi 2.0 Model – C is designed for machine operators with the helmet connected to the machine or any other power source with a specially designed connector.

It is known to increase operator efficiency by up to 20%.

Weight 650 grams
Power Source Connected to the Machine
Colour Reflective Yellow
Eye Protection Tinted / Transparent
Battery Run-time As long as connected to machine

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