#benefit no. 1

No Matter what the temperature is
Kepi 2.0 keeps you Unaffected

Kepi 2.0 comes with both cooling and heating modes catering to a range of temperatures.  4 ergonomically designed vents ensure uniform cooling/warming over your head by up to 15°C / 36° F. No matter the outdoor temperature, stay comfortable and productivity, anywhere, anytime.

#benefit no. 2



Kepi 2.0 protects provides head protection, eye protection and thermal protection, all at once. The Unbreakable Eye Protection Visor is made of PolyUrethene Material and provides protection from debris and dust to the user’s eye.

The visor is anti-glare, scratch proof and comes with state-of-the art UV Coating.

The clear visor ensures day and night operations without any hassle. The tinted version, ensures cool protection from direct sun-light.

#benefit no. 3

Hard Surface for
Head Protection

Designed as per International Standards

Kepi 2.0 protects your head from all impacts and is tested for impact loads upto 40kN. Apart from impacts, your head is also protected from extreme temperatures, protecting you from heat strokes, sweating and also hypothermia!

The helmet is made up of tough ABS Plastic and conforms to international safety standards.

#benefit no. 4

Every part
Reduces Stress

Did you know that 70,000 people die every year due to Thermal Stress?

Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures causes Thermal Exhaustion and Thermal Stress.

Kepi 2.0 helps prevent thermal stress by keeping your head, the neurological centre of your body comfortable and calm. This helps keep your body & mind in control and in full focus for the job at hand, reducing accidents and increasing productivity.

#benefit no. 5

Do you work 8 hours?
Even our Battery works along

Kepi 2.0 helps increase productivity of your workforce along the entire shift, with the support of our innovative and efficient Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery. Different models are available providing a ranging from 2 hours to 8 hours of air-conditioning.

The battery can then simply be recharged using our Fast Charger for long-lasting air-conditioning.

#benefit no. 6


of workforce
increases upto