Design Services

Product Development

“The quality of R&D put into development of any product, depends less on the R&D dollars you have, and more on the people you work with. When we started out, we used scrap material build our prototypes, and we built an innovative technology that large corporations with millions in R&D dollars are now interested in. It’s all about the right fusion between Product Design and Technology using the core of Design Thinking Principles.”


– Kausthub Kaundinya, CEO

We believe the above quote in letter and spirit. At Jarsh, R & D is a way of life. We, being a technology and innovation driven company, have a very focused R & D division. This division is engaged in improving our products based on feedback from end users.

Kepi 2.0 was developed with 18 months of intense R & D utilizing state of the art CFD tools. Jarsh has a team of experienced designers and engineers who are equipped with high-end computers and 3D printers to bring life to new and innovative designs.


Concept to Prototype

Have an Idea? We will help you design a working prototype!

Industrial Design

Have a functional prototype? Let's make it market worthy!

Thermal Solutions

Temperature control solutions with innovative patented technology.

3D CAD Designs

Designs in the mind? Present your designs to others with 3D CAD Designs!